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It all started in the summer of 1985 in the sleepy by lanes of Agra when Late Shri Moti Lal Daultani, an Ex-Army man, envisioned of making fine leather shoes that would be distinctively Indian. “A pair of quality leather shoe is a must-have in a man’s closet” and he wanted to make Indian consumers feel proud of wearing an Indian brand, something they could call their own.

The journey was challenging. The founder had no formal background or previous experience in the shoe manufacturing business. He only understood one thing – the shoe has to be comfortable. Its purpose was to take care of our feet while we took care of the worldly affairs. The Indian leather shoe market during the 80’s did not offer comfort with affordability. Leather shoes lacked style and were overpriced. He also had to educate and graduate consumers to attractive and affordable footwear. He saw this as an opportunity and in 1985 began manufacturing 100% genuine leather shoes under the name of Guru Handicrafts.

A dynamic leader of his times the founder came to be known as the most disciplined player in shoe manufacturing business. Partition struggles and strict Army training cultivated qualities of discipline and above all a passion of doing things the right way. At his modest factory in Agra, attention was paid to detail and aesthetics at every stage. Stringent processes were followed, right from sourcing raw leather, to its processing and finally the shoe craftsmanship by the local artisan families who have carried this cherished skill as a rich heritage since the Mughal times.

The effort paid off. From its humble beginnings, the company grew and received wide acceptance with the consumers in Agra and beyond. The brand was an instant hit! Since then, there has been no looking back.


Taking his father's rich legacy forward, the company is now headed by his son Mr. Chander Daultani. He and his team of experienced professionals have been instrumental in incorporating a new dynamism in the company. Today, their commitment to the shoe craft has never been stronger where they continue to craft some of the best leather shoes in the industry.

Chander Daultani is an astute entrepreneur with a strong sense of commitment. He has been "True to the Soil" and taking huge pride in "Make in India". He is completely agile to the industry's current market forces without compromising on his old values.