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Inside every pair of Valentino shoes there is a label that provides information on the materials used to make them. This guide explains the symbols on the label that describe each part of the shoe, and the materials that go into the making of that part.



This is the outer face of the top part of the shoe which is attached to the outer sole.

Footwear lining and sock label

Lining and Sock
These are the lining of the upper, and the insole, which make up the inside of the shoe.

Footwear outer sole label

Outer Sole
This is the bottom part of the shoe which is attached to the upper and is subjected to abrasive wear.


Footwear leather label

A hide with its original fibrous structure intact, that has been tanned (the process of treating animal hides to make leather). It may still have its original hair or wool. It may be a split (the underside of the hide), and can also have an applied coating no thicker than 0.15mm.

Footwear coated leather label

Coated Leather
A coated leather has an applied surface coating that is more than 0.15mm in substance, but does not exceed more than one third of the total thickness of the material.

Footwear textile label

Textiles or Synthetics
Natural textile and synthetic or non-woven textile materials, with at least 80% by weight of textile fibres.

Footwear other material label

All Other Materials
Materials that do not fit into the category of Leather / Coated Leather / Textile, as per above definitions.